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Programmatic Support

Tatra Solutions brings in the right people, tools, and processes to provide scalable and tailored solutions to our customer's missions, enabling completion of critical projects and reducing administrative and regulatory challenges. Whether it be improving organization policy development, supporting program and/or project management and administration; acquisition and procurement support; requirements management; capability development; or budget execution, we strategically integrate the types and amounts of support essential to program and cost performance.


Examples of capabilities include: 

  • Acquisition Support

  • Requirements Management

  • Business Intelligence / Analytics

  • Planning, Programming, and Budgeting

  • Program Operations

  • Policy Analysis

Relevant NAICS

  • 541990

  • 541611

  • 541430 

  • 611710 

  • 541612 

  • 561499 

  • 561990 

  • 541618

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