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Tatra's co-founder brings over 30 years of experience in commercial aviation that includes President of a large cargo airline, Cargo Transport Pilot, Maintenance Manager of O-Level maintenance of aircraft including B747, MD11, DC-8 and A300, and Airline Operations Center Director for worldwide commercial operations. Our goal is to support the aviation needs of the US Armed Forces by supporting all aspects of aviation maintenance support services on a wide range of military and government-operated aircraft that includes line maintenance, heavy maintenance and support for specialized mission equipment. We also are capable of pilot support services, aircraft assessments, aircraft logistics support and operations.


Examples of capabilities include: 

  • Maintenance Management and Execution

  • Supply / Procurement Management

  • Logistics and Warehousing Support

  • Aircraft Operations 

Relevant NAICS

  • 488190

  • 336413

  • 541330

  • 493110

  • 561499

  • 541611

  • 541618

  • 561210

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